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Why Do My Kids Get Chiropractic Care?


We do things for our kids because we want what’s best for them, right? We want them to be happy, healthy, do good in school, etc..  We buy homes in certain school districts because we believe it will give them an edge later in life.  We put off vacations and new cars so that we can put money away for their college education.  Of all the things I do for my kids, the one that I am most proud…

…is to give them a chiropractic adjustment!

To understand why I adjust my kids, it’s best to understand what the adjustment does to the body.  The brain controls everything in our bodies;  how we move, how our organs work, how we digest food, how we fight illness and disease. The only way for the brain to communicate with the body is along the “Super Highway” of nerves that travel down the spine and out to the organs, muscles and tissues.

We adjust the spine to make sure that there is no interference with the brain’s communication to the rest of the body. When there is no interference the body will do two things…it will function and heal better! .  Kids sleep better, eat better, fewer notes come home from teachers because they can control themselves better in class.  I notice a difference in my kids when they are getting regular adjustments and you will too.

I adjust my family because I love them and I want what’s best for them.