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I lost 14 lbs. in 11 days!

I lost 14 lbs. in 11 days! I have always been a little bigger, heavier, big boned, chunkier, etc. I am always loved food but when I stop playing sports the weight started to really pack on. Next thing I knew I was over 250 lbs.

Due to a hectic work schedule that mostly has we working nights, I can never find time to exercise and eat better. When I met with Dr. Bill he informed me that one of the things that prevents people from losing weight is a lack of sleep. After our first meeting I started to take Melatonin drops.

Sleep, or lack there of, was not my only problem. Due to work and taking my kids to sports all the time I was constantly grabbing food at drive-through places. It was not uncommon for me to have Dunkin Donuts coffee for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and then a normal dinner. I knew fast food was not good for me but I had no idea it caused digestion problems!

I have made some small changes to my diet and have already seen huge progress. I am confident that I will hit my goals weight by the end of the program. I am off to a great start.

Starting Weight: 271 lbs.

11Days into the program: 257 lbs.

Program: 42-Day Medical Weight Loss with HCG & weekly B12 injections.